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This is probably the first game that comes to mind when I talk about arcade. Released in 1980, Pac-Man is THE classic of classics. Why not start with this title?

Pac-Man is not a perfect game; artificial intelligence can sometimes be lacking, and if you really want to complete the game 100%, you almost have to follow a guide that tells you which keys to press in order, but still it is a classic that has You can take video games to new heights, and it deserves a little two minutes of your time.


How to talk about classics without mentioning Donkey Kong?

Before being a tie monkey walking from barrel to barrel in the jungle, Donkey was a bad guy. He kidnapped Pauline, Mario’s blonde at the time (there was a lot of adventures, Mario), and threw barrels at Mario to prevent him from saving the damsel in distress.

Moreover, it is to this game that we must the cliche of the damsel in distress, making Peach the enemy number one of all feminists.

Donkey Kong is also the first game of Shigeru Miyamoto, father of Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Star Fox and so on.

It was a risk that paid off, because Donkey Kong allowed Nintendo to finally break into the US market and become the superpower we know today.


This may not be the best-known title on the list, but I assure you that you know its creator. His name is Mark Cerny.

No, no, wait, I swear you know him. He is the creator of the PS4.

Here, I told you.

Marble Madness is a simple game. You play a ball, and you try to get to the finish area. Along the way, other marbles and extraterrestrial-looking creatures will try to make you fall off the winding course.

But the simplest games are often the most effective. And Marble Madness is devilishly effective.

His soundtrack , in addition, is excellent.


Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker is a completely absurd concept that could only have existed in the 90s.

In this game, you play as the king of pop, who has to fight his way through a city full of criminals who want his skin.

He moves by doing the moonwalk, he attacks by dancing, and sometimes he turns into a killer robot that has laser guns instead of arms.


Another relic of the 90s, TMNT – Turtles in Time is still considered today as one of the best beat-em up of all time.

Can accommodate up to 4 players, you play as one of four turtles (but seriously, if you choose someone other than Donatello, you are crazy) while you have to find Shredder who has exiled you in the past , uh, uh … farting there.

Listen, the scenario is not complicated. But it’s fun.

Ok, I admit, this is not the greatest arcade classic of all time.

If I put this game in this list, it’s because I jabbed stiffly on Puzzle Bobble, and it’s me who make this list, good. You will make your own list if you are not happy.

I love this game so much that it’s one of the only arcade games I tried when I went to Japan. 500 yen invested, and I do not regret anything.

The operation is simple. You play as a cute little dinosaur that throws bubbles of color on other bubbles, and when there are more than three bubbles of the same color, they burst.

Repeat until you are engulfed.

There is in this game a Zen that in my opinion only Tetris can beat.


Mortal Kombat is the game that has frightened all American parents and politicians. If we have today the ESRB, which must classify the games to protect minors, if it is forbidden for minors to buy a game for adults, it’s a bit much because of Mortal Kombat.

But why do I propose the sequel, and not the original game? Because the original Mortal Kombat is a crappy game. The graphics are old, the game is slow, there are almost no characters, in short, it’s average.

Mortal Kombat II, however, is a different story. There are many more characters, more fatalities, more scenery, more blood.

In short, Mortal Kombat II is a game more plus more.

Why not a little party, on the eve of Halloween?


We would not believe that today, with the X-Men movies becoming more and more rotten, but in the 90s, the X-Men were really hot.

So much so that they got their own arcade game back in 1992. Well, I say that, but The Punisher had his arcade game too, and everyone does not care about the Punisher.

But the game of X-Men was really good.

And now you can fart the scoundrel with Wolverine, gratis.

Is not it beautiful, living in the future?


Sega was really the kings of the arcades (but as history has shown, not so much the kings of the arcades), and Outrun proves it too.

In Outrun, you play the role of a fool esti who drives his Ferrari dangerously, with his chix on board, the roof down, enweille, there is no problem, head trauma is for the cellars.

Outrun is a racing game that has the distinction of making you face not other cars, but the watch. You try to get to your destination before time runs out, then you choose which direction you want to leave for your next stretch of the race.


I am not a fan of sports games.

Because I am not a fan of sports.

Because I’m not a fan of being out of breath.

But NBA Jam is in a class of its own. Released in 1993, the surreal basketball game offered players something new: a sports game with real athletes, but with absurd graphics and mechanics.

NBA Jam, it’s a little what would happen if we put Eugenie Bouchard in Mario Tennis.

Balloons on fire, giant heads, players jumping for miles, everything is there.

And it’s the only sports game that’s still so fun, 25 years later.


One of the most represented genres in arcades was probably the shoot ’em up. Even if you have never played a video game, you know the formula: you are a spaceship, and you have to shoot lasers on a horde of enemies that leads you into specific patterns .

But since there are dozens of variations on this concept, I hesitated in my choice. So I went to Sega (the kings of arcades, I told you), to find a game that is a little different from the mass.

And I found it in Fantasy Zone.

This game was meant to be an answer to the drab shooters that were all happening in space, mostly in shades of brown and black.

Sega has decided to go in the opposite direction, and make the shooter as cute as possible, inventing the way cute ’em up.

In addition, it is an interesting game at the historical level, since Opa-Opa, the winged small vessel of Fantasy Zone, is the first mascot in the history of Sega.


Street Fighter II is the game that invented the fighting game as we know it today.

It’s a decades-old game that still sells thousands of copies, and is still heavily played in competitive tournaments.

Street Fighter II is the game that has engulfed millions of 25 cents to teenagers in need of thrills.

But I tell you all this for nothing. You already know Street Fighter II.