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Digital Online Marketing

The term online marketing or digital marketing covers all the marketing measures that are implemented via the Internet. Online marketing campaigns can be used to increase sales, traffic or reach .

The most important sub-disciplines in online marketing include social media marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing , e-mail marketing and SEO marketing. If online marketing measures are primarily controlled by indicators of success, this is performance marketing .

Benefits of Online Marketing

Compared to conventional advertising on television, radio or print, online marketing generally has the advantage that success can be better measured. In addition, campaigns can be analyzed very precisely. Thanks to increasingly large data sets generated using web analysis tools , it is also possible to draw increasingly precise conclusions about user behavior.

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The question of whether online marketing is in fact always cheaper than print or television advertising depends on the extent of the campaign in question. In fact, forms of online advertising have the potential to be “viral”. This means that with a small financial and material effort, it is possible to reach a high turnover or turnover. In principle, reach is another advantage of online advertising over traditional marketing. A website can potentially reach customers around the world if it is optimized and designed accordingly. A television commercial or print advertisement in a magazine or newspaper does not get that media coverage.

Forms of Online Marketing

There are different forms of online marketing that do not always have to be conducted independently, but one intertwined with the other. Often, the sub-disciplines complement each other.

Social Network Marketing

As part of social media marketing, platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are used to increase awareness of a brand, company, or product. The purpose of social media marketing is also to increase the reach of information relating to a business. Often, this type of marketing is also used as part of a content marketing strategy. As part of marketing measures aimed specifically at customer relationship management, social media channels can also be used. In addition to increasing the natural reach, advertisements can also be broadcast on social networks via posts, in order to reach a target group even more effectively.

SEO Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (also: SEO or SEO marketing) encompasses all search engine marketing measures in order to achieve the highest ranking possible. A distinction is made between advertising paid directly by search engines ( SEA ) and search engine optimization ( SEO ).

For search engine advertising, a separate area is available in search results, marked as advertising. In addition to natural search results , these ads are also subject to internal ranking, with the difference that they are paid (paid search results). SEO optimization encompasses a multitude of possibilities to optimize the SEO of a website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing involves any email contact with existing and potential customers. Thanks to the regular sending of newsletters, the company connects with the customer. In addition, mailing operations can also remind customers of a certain campaign or news about the company. The other benefits of this form of online marketing are the low costs, as well as the rapid transfer of information. The long-term goals of e-mail marketing are the development of market share, the care of the corporate image, the care of the customer relationship and the increase in sales. Given people’s dislike of these so-called spam mailings, newsletters need to be enriched with useful information and discreet advertising. So,

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing describes an affiliate program in which cooperation between a merchant and the owner of a website (also called publisher) is in place. The foreign site is used for promotional purposes, on which advertising banners or links to online shops are built. According to the agreement between the partners, the operator of the website receives a commission for his mediation and the transmission of interested persons. The commission is determined either by the duration of the advertisement, according to the acquisition of new customers or by the receipt of new orders. Affiliate marketing is an inexpensive alternative to advertising banner marketing, which is usually relatively expensive.