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Online Payment System

Today, setting up a reliable and efficient online payment system is a must for many professionals, entrepreneurs, startups and traders. To address the issues of payment management , remote transaction software , payment connectors and e-commerce solutions must meet both the expectations of sellers and buyers .

This includes remote payment facility, cash-in automation , subscription-based sales management , lower fees, e-commerce and e-commerce modules . All of the features and criteria you need to consider when choosing your ideal online payment system.

3 key criteria to choose your online payment system:

The uses determine your needs and guide your choice: what are your professional needs in terms of online payment? What are the essential criteria for your commercial site and your activity? What do you expect from software to start in e-commerce? How do you want to sell products and services online?

Simple management of remote payments:

An ideal online payment system must first and foremost offer easy remote payment options that are secure and easy to install . Whether for your B to B payments, your online sales, a service delivery, you must be able to receive money remotely as simply as possible and ensure a good customer experience .

By choosing the right tool to sell products and services, you can accept online payments by bank transfer , CB or SEPA bank card from your website and by limiting transaction fees . You can also send a payment request by e-mail for a quick and secure payment of your bills online .

The difference with the PayPal payment system? You receive money directly from your customers on your bank account,  you reduce the transaction costs and your customers do not have to register to pay you . You have the possibility of integration with a payment connector from your web and commercial management software, your merchant site and your CRM.

A turnkey e-commerce solution:

A successful e-commerce solution is the key to success in online sales . For example, make sure to set up an online payment system and a connector that offer the integration of features designed to make e-commerce, manage orders and baskets via an online store and accept secure payments.

You need to be able to create custom payment pages and marketing devices , automate bill payments, and send notifications to your customers. Not to mention the commercial management for the different markets that you target.

A subscription option:

The subscription sale is the holy grail of professionals, entrepreneurs and startups because it generates regular income . But to meet the requirements of the subscription sale, it is necessary to have a software tool adapted for the management of subscribers and recurring online payments.

Your remote payment solution must allow you to receive money on a recurring basis, to customize the terms of your subscription offers, as well as the picking dates.

It must also  give your users the possibility to access a private area allowing them to:

  • Update their bank and personal details,
  • Download their bills,
  • Cancel their subscription in one click if you have not set up a commitment period.
  • An online sales solution focused seller and buyer
  • An ideal remote payment solution should both make the vendor administrator’s life easier and meet the expectations of buyer users for a good customer experience, whatever your business.

The needs of the seller:

As an e-commerce company or actor, you need a secure payment management software:

  • Easy to handle , easy to use, autonomous and flexible;
  • Automated , for billing, withdrawals, reminders and notifications in the case of card expiries;
  • Economical , without transaction and maintenance fees and with reduced commissions;
  • Integrated , perfectly compatible with WordPress, Jimdo, Wix, etc.

The needs of the buyer:

Your buyers and customers expect a simple, reliable and efficient online payment solution:

  • Quick , with a payment link to make payments in one click
  • Flexible , with the options of their choice by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and SEPA direct debits
  • Personalized , with offers targeted to their interests and needs
  • Practical , with direct access to their history and personal data.

Useful and essential features for e-commerce:

In terms of remote online payment management, few e-commerce players stand out in the market for their flexibility and agility . Payfacile, however, raises the overall rating: the solution is between online payment and the e-commerce solution .

Unlike a payment gateway like PayPal, you do not force your customers to create an account on your merchant site and increase your chances of making a sale and achieving your marketing goals . It allows you to accept payments online from any website , social networks or a simple e-mail .

A plug and play payment software solution:

One of the main assets of the few players in this e-commerce category: they do not require technical knowledge to set up the payment system. You do not need a computer scientist to install it on your website or online store.

They work as online payment system connectors with your CMS and CRM to enable you to sell products, online services or subscription offers from your website.

A fully automated remote payment system:

The system of this type of user-oriented online payment software supports the automation of withdrawals, billing, reminders or credit card expiration management at the time of customer orders.

An online sales module by subscription:

In addition to automating online transactions, few such solutions offer comprehensive and easy-to-use management to meet the specific needs of subscription sales . Among other things, Payfacile provides your subscribers with a private area allowing them to manage their subscriptions themselves.

Subscription sales are becoming more and more popular with consumers with the development of the economy of use : B to C consumers like B to B are more and more inclined to subscribe to goods and services. line by subscription.

Simple and complete e-commerce solutions:

A commercial management software like Payfacile develops functions to develop a real e-commerce , with a catalog of products, and even the management of purchase and sale of digital files.

Good to know: Payfacile was designed by a former trader who did not find a shoe on his feet in terms of online payment system, which makes it pragmatic to meet the expectations of sellers and buyers.