The Prime Generation

Challenge Of Interest


If for you too the retro games are far from the old story, you must surely know that there are still some enthusiasts who are ready to build you the arcade of your dreams, usually for a small sum an arm, or a kidney.

To make it simple, the ultimate dream comes at a price. And it usually revolves around 1500 euros. At this price, a lot of private builders can assemble a shielded arcade terminal of all possible games imaginable from the time Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive, Neo Geo and Co. Light buttons, stickers of circumstances. Or how to spend overnight an empty table in your living room, to a brand new cult object, which flashes in all directions, and that will agglutinate your nostalgic friends as if they had just rediscovered the true meaning of the life. This fantasy, a young French manufacturer is able to bring it to you, but at a lower price. His secret? The do it yourself

A terminal to mount is even:

Out of respect for its creator, we will not go so far as to compare the idea of ​​this pillar with the concept of Ikea. But it’s a little bit like that. By going on the Arcade My website you will be very surprised to see that everything is done to help you assemble your terminal yourself. If like me you are broomsticks, you can of course ask the manufacturer to do that himself. His name is Jérôme Boulinguez, and he is based in the South of France. But in the idea, everything is there to lead you step by step to success. All you need to do is order a kit, bring a suitable screen, an old tower, and get to work. Everything is explained in the many detailed tutorials available on the website. The latter can even provide you with Photoshop mockups, so that you can print stickers with the right dimensions, with your own montages on it. It’s hard to do more than that.

A varied and artisanal offer:

If you follow the home assembly method, you can get away with an extremely competitive price, which can potentially divide the final price by two, compared to a lambda seller on the net. Even better, the site offers a fairly complete range of offers, ranging from the classic two-player kiosk, to the charming Donkey Kong mini-kiosk , to the giant Game Boy . Another crazy fantasy object: this virtual pinball machine, where you can play dozens and dozens of different tables. The advantage here is that everything is customizable. For example on the terminal, nothing prevents you to add games by yourself, or to ban pads Super Nes directly on it.