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what are the advantages of Virtual Assistant websites

In a world where talking to your smartphone has become common,
virtual assistant websites like Anna Burton Virtual Assistant “Chatbots” are more and more numerous and are constantly evolving. And so it is natural that web companies strive to join this trend by applying these same principles and techniques to their marketing strategy. For many, Chatbots truly represent the future of Internet service, especially with the advancement of technologies related to artificial intelligence and voice recognition. So, how can this type of technology support your business in everyday life? What are the real advantages and, above all, what limits can be encountered when implementing such a solution?

A virtual assistant on a site or Chatbot is a software capable of conducting a conversation with a visitor on the web, while offering information in response to his requests via an access to the server of the company. A Chatbot is initially a software allowing to discuss by texts, but the evolutions in terms of assistants by voice push the companies to innovate in a new type of tool adapted to these new uses.

Certain advantages for web companies

Virtual assistants are making a lot of headlines in the world of online marketing. But is this technology suited to your business and your business? How do you know if the return on investment will really match your ambitions? It’s no coincidence that more and more companies from all walks of life are trusting this virtual assistant websites . Setting up this type of software can have a lot of benefits for a company on the web:

• Improve conversions on your site

The first advantage of setting up a Chatbot on your site is a marketing advantage. Virtual assistants installed on your e-commerce will guide users throughout their purchase process and support them in their decision making; but the benefits to that go even further. Indeed, thanks to pre-established criteria, the bot will allow you to make a first sort of prospects who visit your site to identify the most serious targets, and thus to transmit this information to your sales force to put the odds on your side to convert a maximum of leads.

In addition, virtual assistants also have the interest of holding your user in suspense, making his visit more entertaining and more interesting. Through this, the visitor stays longer on your shop, and his interest is stimulated over a longer period of time. This marketing technique makes the use of the site more pleasant and makes it easier to create a commitment. Not to mention the fact that the virtual assistant automatically intervenes during the visit of the user, without it needs to seek any help. This proactivity will allow to develop the interactions and eventually, of course, the conversions.

• Offer a customer service available

The advantage of automating the customer service functions is to be able to offer a service that is available every day and at any time. And this is not trivial when its activity evolves on the web, because the geographic areas of buyers are generally more numerous and the management of time zones can also be somewhat challenging for an SME whose human resources would be limited. A Chatbot will answer any prospect’s questions in an instant, thus favoring favorite sales or impulse purchases.

• Analyze the common issues of its targets

But a Chatbot does not only have the function of supporting the sales of a site, the information left by the prospects is also important. It can never be said enough but knowing its targets in all their specificities is essential to be able to adapt its marketing strategy to the particularities of its own market. A chatbot will be able to integrate relevant and less intrusive questions into the conversation with the user than if you asked your prospects to answer a study or a form, for example. The answers to the questions are therefore more spontaneous and feedback is more frequent.

• Significant time and resource savings Another obvious benefit is the time savings of this service automation. And the time saving is usually double. First of all it allows to direct the customer towards simple solutions to his problem, and this automatically. For example by redirecting them to the FAQ or downloading a data sheet, thus relieving your teams of the most common and simple requests. In addition, the virtual assistant will also be able to gather a lot of important information before being taken care of by your qualified personnel, which allows your teams to save time in their search and to answer more efficiently the requests made by customers.

• Organize regular presence on social networks

Many Chatbot are linked to messaging services or social networks, the best known being Facebook. This type of software allows the company to respond to each request made on this type of media without having to monitor all of its networks. This close link is an asset not only to take advantage of the many possibilities offered by these networks (the opportunities in terms of targeting, or the possibility of sending notifications or automated retargeting campaigns) while developing a continuous presence and visibility of the brand on social networks.

• Put innovation at the heart of its marketing strategy

Setting up a virtual assistant on his website can also have a goal of notoriety. The Chatbot represent a real technological advance and it is always good for a brand to be up to the evolutions of the market and at the cutting edge of technology. Moreover, the technological prowess in terms of speech recognition and artificial intelligence as a whole are at the heart of all current trends and therefore, virtual assistants are a practice that is not ready to stop the day to day. next day. It is therefore a real bet on the future and a real investment for a company that wants to highlight innovation in its marketing strategy.

Not to mention the fact that the Chatbot will become a real point of contact between your brand and its targets, personifying your company by offering a closer image and more open to dialogue. You really have to see this type of virtual assistant as a brand ambassador who will be at the heart of your e-reputation.

• Technology adapted to all sectors of activity

Virtual assistants are literally adapted to all sectors: whether your business is evolving around an online business of clothing or financial services, anything is possible and you can imagine a bespoke software development that would adapt to your needs. your constraints and your own goals. Whatever your industry and mode of operation, it’s up to you to imagine a solution that will fit your internal organization system and have the ability to link to your computer server and to your CRM software for example.

As you can see, the benefits of implementing virtual assistant software can be very numerous for your business, whether from an operational, marketing or strategic point of view. But from a user’s point of view, the benefits can also be very important, and these assistants can greatly improve the general visitor experience on your site but also the way they perceive your brand and your services.

• Ease of use

Ease of use is the first benefit that users typically find in Chatbot. Indeed, this type of online assistant allows them to avoid the laborious task of finding a phone number or email from the company to answer their questions. With a virtual assistant, no need to browse the site or install any software, everything is done online very simply.

• Speed ​​of response

Speed ​​of response is also an unstoppable benefit. When the prospect is in the research phase, he needs information in real time. The virtual assistant avoids this latency while ensuring the continuity of the visitor’s interest, every day and at any time. And this is even more important for a customer service when the person is looking for technical information or encountering a particular difficulty. The virtual assistant will solve the problem quickly, while limiting the frustration of your customers.

• Personalized communication

Another interest for users is to be able to benefit from a more personalized and adapted communication. Especially if the Chatbot is linked to social networks because it will be able to extract relevant information to customize its interaction with the user. And we can go further by programming the Chatbot to give it the ability to offer the customer articles related to these areas of interest or its search history, for example, or send him adapted notifications. All this allows to develop a real personalization of the relationship, making the experience fun and enjoyable for the user.

The main limitations of a virtual assistant system are around mainly technical constraints. There are several turnkey online solutions that can get you started without having to go into too technical details or opt for solutions that are too heavy or too expensive for your business. However, it is important to understand that the more “smart” the bot that you propose to your users will be for the services you offer and your industry, the more relevant and effective it will be for your sales.

The main difficulty lies in the language learning for the Chatbot or the so-called NLP (Natural Language Processing) through which we can program a semantic interpreter, allowing the bot to recognize requests and respond to them in consequently, to learn new requests as and when requests. But the more the requests from the visitors will be original or specific, the more difficult it will be for the virtual assistant to answer them correctly if they have not been anticipated beforehand. Of course, with the advancement of artificial intelligence technologies, we can consider a progression of the system over time. But the technology around the NLP and virtual assistants is still far from mature on the market. The risk ? Bugs, inconsistencies,

The second limitation concerns the popularity and current use of technology. Because if voice assistants are becoming more popular with users, buying on the web through this may seem a bit more complex task, especially in the context of purchases of technical products or customized services. These uses therefore remain reserved for simple reservation services. In addition, voice assistants are still new to the market, and while users are becoming more numerous, they represent only a minority of uses for the moment. Technological progress therefore remains limited to the actual uses of end consumers.

But if the revolution of the virtual assistants has not yet taken place today, it’s a safe bet that it will reach us very soon … as well as prepare as best as possible!

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